The Commonwealth Courts Portal provides users with secure web-based access to information about cases that are before these courts, and a convenient 24/7 digital platform for eFiling.

Welcome to the Commonwealth Courts Portal

The Commonwealth Courts Portal (the Portal) is an initiative of the Federal Court of Australia, the Family Court of Australia, and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

The Family Court of Western Australia also provides online services through the Portal.

The Portal is a secure online system that enables registered litigants and legal practitioners to access information about their cases before these courts and:

  • electronically file (eFile) applications and documents

  • identify documents that have been filed

  • view future court dates, and

  • view outcomes and access sealed orders that have been made.

All family law orders, except appeal division and consent orders, are ONLY available from the Portal at:

Registering for the Portal

Registering for the Portal is essential to eFile applications and documents, view court files and access any orders made.

Register online at

  • to start a court application, or

  • link to your existing court file – you will need your client ID and file number.

A helpful step-by-step guide is available at

If you have an existing court file but do not have your client ID or file number:

  • AND your matter relates to family law, please email your:

    • full name

    • date of birth

    • telephone number, and

    • name of the other party

to and the court will verify your identity, auto-register and link your court file in the Portal.

  • AND your matter relates to general federal law

please contact the relevant Federal Court registry at to request your file number and client ID, then register at

Why use the Portal?

The Portal streamlines the process of filing, sharing and accessing court information.

It offers a range of services for litigants and legal practitioners, including:

  • access to court files and eFiling 24/7

  • eFile applications on new or existing files*

  • eFile supporting documents in family law cases

  • viewing and downloading sealed court orders, and

  • receiving email notifications of file progress.

* Excludes appeal division and consent orders

Legal Practitioners and Firms

Visit the website at for a range of dedicated ‘How do I...?’ resources to assist with registering, requesting access to a law firm’s files, administering firms and navigating the Portal.

Legal practitioners and firms can access case information online and control this access on behalf of the law firm they work for.

Barristers can also access files from other law firms once granted access by that firm.

Privacy and Security

All people registering for the Portal are required to agree to the terms and conditions of use, located at

Further information

Live Chat on the website

1300 352 000


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