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To electronically file or access court files on the Commonwealth Courts Portal a user must first register. 

View the You Tube video for information on how to register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

View the You Tube video for information on how to register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

Go to to create your individual username and password image of the Registration link on the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

If you already have a file with the courts you will need to link yourself to it. To link yourself to your file you will need your file number and your client number.

It is very important that all proceedings (past and future) between yourself and the other party to an application are registered on the one file number. If you have any previous proceedings with the other party you will have an existing file number.

If your matter is in relation to Family Law and you have an existing file please contact the National Enquiry Centre by email to or Contact Us so we can register and or link you to your file. You will need to provide your full name, date of birth and the full name of the other party so we can verify your identity. You should also provide your file number if you know it and your telephone number in case we need to contact you and if you are already registered and need to access your file, you should also advise us of your portal user name.

If your matter is in relation to general federal law, please contact the appropriate Federal Court registry for your file number and client number. Please see the General Federal Law Enquiries page for how to contact them for the procedure as to how you can obtain these details.

Once you have registered and if you have your file number and client number available follow the steps below to link yourself to your file. If you do not have your file number and/or client number see Obtaining you file number and/or client number if you do not know them above.

Step 1. Log in.

Step 2. Select Your profile your-profile-button-02

Step 3. Select Request access to your file.

Image showing Access to my files options: View my linked files and Request access to your file

Step 4. Enter your file number and client number then Submit

Image of the File number, client number and submit button 

You will now have access to your file.

To access your file follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the home page and search for your file number:


Your file will also be available in the Available Files tab.

Once you select your file you can access information about your file including lists of documents filed, view orders and file certain documents.

If your file is finalised you can still access it by searching by the file number or going to the Available Files tab then the All tab.

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