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Foreign Databases by Jurisdiction
Aims to collect all current primary source materials (codes, statutes, regulations, court decisions, jurisprudence), and standard finding tools for jurisdictions for which it has primary responsibility among the Northeast Foreign Law Libraries Cooperative Group, for major jurisdictions of the world and as many others as it is possible to acquire, concentrating on:

  • Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland)
  • Eastern Europe (Czechoslovakia and Romania)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico)
  • Commonwealth countries
  • English language only, except for French material on Canadian law (Quebec).
  • Selected jurisdictions of Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan)

Hieros Gamos
Hieros Gamos (HG) was one of the first legal and government sites on the Internet. From the beginning, its object was to be the comprehensive starting point for all law and law related information. It was the first to offer multiple free listings, e-mail notices, audio seminars, etc. It comprehensive search engine searches 11,000 law and government sites for the information you need.

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